DHA Multan Phase 1 Balloting Result 2019 by LRE

DHA Multan Phase 1 Balloting Result 2019 by LRE

DHA Multan Phase 1 Balloting Result 2019 by LRE

DHA Multan Phase 1 Balloting Result 2019 by LRE

Congratulation to file holder’s the wait is over. DHA Multan Management is going to ballot for their Phase 1 Files Today at DHA Arena on 5 PM to 6 Pm. DHA Multan Balloting Result 2019 will be online soon on their website (www.dhamultan.org). So, many congratulations to those who hold the files and invest your livelihood money in this modern project in Multan.

Usually after ballot, we get maximum calls about what is the rate of my plot?

We need to understand that rates are based on demand and supply rule. It is not possible to share realistic market rates right after ballot at least within a week (specially first 72 hours).

However, it is possible for an individual agent/agency to estimate worth of your plot on the basis of the location of block and plot. It is not necessary that market will sustain with these given worths. The market will set its own direction on the basis of demand and supply rule.

We should not confuse our self with the worth of a location and market rate of the location. Worth is calculated on the basis of various factors. Whereas rate is based on primarily demand and supply rule.

To get the true and realistic picture of the market we must wait and see the market trend. Be patience and be cool while buying or selling after ballot.

Few extraordinary locations can be grabbed right after the ballot for holding. But for general plots locations you need to wait and see the market direction. Currently market is under depression.

One fo the factor which will have an impact on the market is the upcoming map pattern.

  1. Full map with all blocks location and with plot numbers
  2. Few blocks map with plot numbers and remaining blocks locations only.

DHA Multan has huge potential of an investment, but you need to decide when to enter now.

Today the wait for ballot will be over and we will have ballot results soon. Ballot results will be available online at DHA Multan official Site.


• Send our Complete Name
• Send your CNIC No.
• Send your Allocation number (01/OL/00__) or Installment file Reference Number for ballot result.

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